Pourquoi opter pour une caméra sonnette?

Protect your home with a smart doorbell camera

When someone rings your doorbell, the smart doorbell with camera notifies you directly through the cellular app. You can see the person and chat with them, even if you are not at home. As burglars often ring the bell before they try to enter, the smart doorbell can be very useful in deterring them.

If you want to add an extra edge to your security system, you can also install a smart lock. This allows you to verify the identity of the person with the doorbell camera, and then open the door using the mobile application, for example if you are waiting for a delivery person or if your child has forgotten his keys. 
But that’s not all, you can also be alerted when the doorbell detects a presence thanks to its motion detector. This covers an angle of 180 degrees. As soon as the doorbell is activated, it notifies you and records what is happening.

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