Quels sont les endroits de la maison à sécuriser d’urgence?

The places in the house to secure urgently

Securing outside the home:

Whether you live in a condominium or in a detached house, the outdoor areas must be protected. Dummy cameras can sometimes be enough to deter a potential intruder. But beware, burglary professionals have learned to recognize them. It is better to equip yourself with effective protection systems, for example by equipping your residence or house with a surveillance camera connected directly to an alarm system.
Outdoor surveillance cameras are valuable allies, insofar as they make it possible to detect an intrusion attempt very quickly. Be careful, however, to comply with the regulations in force when installing and using them. If users have subscribed to a remote monitoring service, remote arrest by remote monitoring agents will scare away a potential burglar before he acts.
Stickers, plaques and signs indicating that his home is protected can also be useful in deterring burglars from showing interest in his home. The latter will indeed prefer to attack a dwelling without a surveillance system to avoid as much as possible being arrested during their misdeeds.
Before securing your house or apartment, do not hesitate to call on a professional who will carry out a diagnosis of your home and its exterior in order to determine the areas susceptible to break-ins.
Securing access to the house:
In a house, the entry points are as varied as they are conducive to intrusions. If securing the front door is obvious, other risky accesses should not be neglected: windows, bay windows, cellar, garage, etc.

Detectors placed at the various accesses (gates, fences but also glazed surfaces, verandas, entrance and service doors, garage doors, etc.) are essential. Sensitive to variations, waves and glass breakage, they immediately alert in the event of an intrusion attempt. The “contact” detectors are placed at the level of doors and windows while the “hoof” detectors secure gates, metal openings and barriers. 
Their effectiveness thwarts a good number of burglaries every day. 

Protect the inhabitants of the home:
Protecting the inhabitants of a place also means ensuring prevention in the event of fire or water damage. The new devices, for example, connect smoke detectors to the alarm center for rapid intervention at any time of day or night.
Equipping one’s home in such a way as to protect it effectively, to make it more comfortable and functional is no longer reserved for the elite. Alarm and home automation systems have become more democratic.
The alarm remains one of the most effective and dissuasive protection systems for securing the different rooms and areas of your home. There are different alarm systems: local alarm, connected alarm with self-monitoring, alarm system with remote monitoring. Not sure which security device to choose? We invite you to call on a professional and request your quote online.

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