Les bons réflexes pour limiter les risques de cambriolage

Precautions to delay or even repel burglars. 

1- Burglars act at night while the occupants are in the house. They take what they can before the owners wake up. 
– At night, close the doors and windows tightly.
– Do not leave valuables in the entrance (keys, papers, wallet, telephone, computer, etc.).       
– Know by heart the registration number of your vehicle. In case of theft, searches will be accelerated.

2- In case of prolonged absence, suggest that the house is occupied.

– Remember to install programmers so that the radio and the light come on for a few hours a day. 
– Ask a neighbor to pick up the mail and close the shutters.
– Do not mention your absence on your answering machine or social networks.
– And why not bring a family to occupy your accommodation? Platforms offer this service.

3- Placing your jewelry under a pile of laundry or in the bathroom doesn’t work anymore. This is where burglars look first. 

– Place valuables in a sealed safe. 
– Take photos of furniture and jewelry to provide to law enforcement and the insurer in the event of a burglary.
– Read your insurance contract and check that the information provided is correct (area, value of goods, security system, etc.). 
4- Burglars always enter homes through the weak point. Secure all entrances.
– Never leave a window open when you are away.  
– Install secure doors and windows, including lock and frame.
– If necessary, equip certain windows with bars.  

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