Pourquoi choisir un système d’alarme connecté à la centrale ?

The need to opt for an alarm system with remote monitoring connected to a central alarm.

Equipped only with a traditional alarm kit, an intrusion into your home or business premises triggers the siren of your security system. But what if you’re not there? What actions are taken to arrest, put to flight or even stop the burglar?

Choosing a home alarm system with remote monitoring means ensuring the intervention of security professionals, even in your absence or if you are unable to act.
When you take out a remote monitoring contract, your security is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for optimal protection. All information related to the activity of your surveillance system is received and processed remotely by our recognized ULC-certified alarm center.
This certification guarantees that your home is monitored by professionals and that the procedures comply with rigorous specifications.

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